There are many different committees that you can join as part of your administrative membership. Many (if not all) operational members actually serve on one or two committees. They are set shortly after the annual elections in March by the President. Generally, there is anywhere from 3 to7 members on any one committee. Each committee is responsible for meeting once a month to move various company business forward and then provide a summary report on their accomplishments and/or any updates with the membership at the regular company meeting.

For 2019, there are the following committees:

  • House and Properties
  • Apparatus and Equipment
  • Finance/Procurement
  • Information Technology
  • Fire Prevention
  • Rules and ByLaws
  • Membership
  • Social

Below are brief descriptions of what each committee is responsible for:

House and Properties

H&P is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the stations and tenant properties. This can include painting, flooring, ceiling, windows, appliance repair, plumbing, etc.

Apparatus and Equipment

This committee is responsible for assisting the mechanic with any malfunctions, issues, breaks, maintenance, failures, etc. with our fleet and equipment. If it is outside their capabilities, then it gets sent out to a vendor for the repair.


Newly created, this committee is establishing written fiscal and purchasing policies. Members also assist the President and Treasurer with items such as the operating and capital budget preparation, the semi-annual fund drive letter, searching and applying for available grants and the annual audit.

Information Technology

Website design, social media and other technological communication needs are the responsibilities of this committee.

Fire Prevention

This committee keeps up-to-date on children fire prevention education such as juvenile fire setters. At times, this committee will assist the Fire Marshal with community events and information campaigns on fire safety.


Throughout the year, individual members and/or committees may identify the need for updates to the Company Rules or Company ByLaws. Any changes are proposed to this committee for consideration. This committee reviews and comments on the proposed changes and puts a final version out for company vote.


This committee’s focus is on the recruitment and retention of the Company’s volunteers. Methods of advertisement/campaigning are explored along with attending/holding events that would assist in getting the word out about the many benefits of being a Long Ridge Firefighter or administrative member.


Members of this committee are expected to organize all internal Company gatherings such as the annual holiday party, clambake and summer barbecues. They also are a main leader of the annual Open House.

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